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National Director

Australian Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Australian Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AACCI) is a non-profit organization that aims to promote trade and economic relations between Australia and the Arab world. The AACCI serves as a bridge for businesses, governments, and organizations to connect and collaborate on various initiatives. The organization also provides a platform for networking and professional development opportunities for its members. 

Honorary Consulate

Consulate of the Kingdom of Morocco

Roland Jabbour OAM Morrocan Honourary Consulate

The Honorary Consulate serves as a representative of the Moroccan government in Australia and is responsible for promoting and maintaining the bilateral relations between the two countries. This includes supporting the interests of Moroccan citizens residing in Australia, facilitating business and cultural exchange, and providing consular services to the Moroccan community.

Chairman & Founder

Australian Arab Council Chairman Roland Jabbour

The Australian Arabic Council is a non-profit organization that aims to promote the cultural and linguistic heritage of Arabic-speaking communities in Australia and foster greater understanding and respect between these communities and the wider Australian society.

Australian Arabic Council

Group Chairman

Jabbour Holdings Group

Jabbour Holding Group Chairman Roland Jabbour

The group brings together expansive travel and tourism, international education, construction and property development and investment businesses all focused on providing exceptional outcomes for clients and stakeholders. Jabbour Holding Group reflects a long-standing affinity for cross-cultural exchange and a sincere and tested commitment to participating, facilitating and assisting in the growth and expansion of the very best of Australian enterprise both at home and abroad.

Ambassador For Peace

Universal Peace Federation Australia

Mr Roland Jabbour Ambassador for peace

Universal Peace Federation Australia (UPF) is a non-profit organization that promotes the values of peace, justice, and human dignity. UPF aims to create a world where individuals and nations can coexist harmoniously and work together to address global challenges. The organization implements this mission through various programs and initiatives, such as peace education, interfaith dialogue, and leadership development. UPF also collaborates with government agencies, civil society organizations, and like-minded groups to advance the cause of peace and human development.

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