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Article offended Australian ValuesNovember 18, 1995, Herald Sun, Roland JabbourThe article titled

November 18, 1995, Herald Sun, Roland Jabbour

The article titled “Back to rule by the gun” by “visiting British historian” David Pryce-Jones (Herald Sun, November 7) is horrifying. His extreme hatred and verbal violence against Arabs oozes from every pore. His raw racism is the antithesis of Australia’s core values of tolerance and multiculturalism. Pryce-Jones describes Palestinians in particular and Arabs in general as lawless and violent. He attributes all things evil exclusively to Arabs and suggests that they have a monopoly over terrorism, assassinations and violence. He attributes “rule of law” to Jews. Do we need to remind Price-Jones about who initiated terrorism in the Middle East? Does he also blame Arabs for assassinations in other parts of the world? Does he seriously believe that Arabs are a ‘closed circle’ to everyone except himself? The Australian Government recently banned the visit by another British historian David Irving, for fear of spreading anti-semitic messages and dividing the community. Yet Pryce-Jones, on a par with Irving has been allowed to unleash his poison with absolute impunity. If one substituted the word blacks or jews where he uses the word Arabs, the Australian government would deport him immediately. Racists have no place in Australia.

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